How to make a Pumpkin

How to make a pumpkin and still counting

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Now for our "how to make a pumpkin from a romance novel" tutorial!
First of all you have to get a Harliquin Romance novel. Because I don't read romance novels I went to the Youth Ranch (2nd hand store) and bought a bunch for 25 cents each. These little books are only about 1/2"-3/4" thick. This is the perfect use for a romance far.
Tear the front and back cover off.
Pumpkin tutorial 181
Next you will split the spine into two even pieces
Pumpkin tutorial 182
Next you will draw 1/2 a pumpkin on one of the book halves. Make sure the center of the pumpkin is along the spine.
Pumpkin tutorial 184
Using an exacto knife cut away everything that isn't part of the pumpkin from the book.
Pumpkin tutorial 185
If you will cut little by little you will get a smoother cut and it will be easier. You can also use scissors.
Pumpkin tutorial 186
Next trace the shape on the other half a book and cut as you did before.
Pumpkin tutorial 187
Heavily chalk (ink) the edges of both halves.
Pumpkin tutorial 188
Two pages at a time crumble the pages of the book without tearing them out of the book. You are going to get your hands dirty so enjoy the process!
Do this for both halves.
Pumpkin tutorial 189
The two halves should look something like this. Now you will put the two halves together. I used a hot glue gun and made a bead of glue along the spine of the book. Do this and then put the other half on top and secure.
Pumpkin tutorial 191
Now all that's left is to decorate your pumpkin. Using moss, paper crimp, a little twiggy stem, fall leaves, berries and homespun or ribbon decorate your pumpkin. It only takes a minute or two and you will have a nice centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table! The other beauty of this crafty delight is that if you don't want to keep it for next year you can give it away or toss it away because it is so inexpensive to make.
Pumpkin tutorial 195 392275_10150394566387114_736157113_8275135_2116992215_n
Now what shall we make next.....hmmmmmmm....perhaps a little repurposed book photo holder? We will see.
Pumpkin tutorial 197
Christmas at girlfriends 573
decorated or undecorated these are so much fun to make!
Until next time....
lisa and michele

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