How to make a Waterfall card.

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We are counting down to our Girlfriends Open House
Friday November 18th
We are both so excited to have our Girlfriends here to share some treats and look around at the many projects, and new products we have brought in for the Christmas season.
We will have more sneak peeks up throughout the week!
I did promise I would put up instructions for making an easy waterfall card. There is a waterfall card in our newest Christmas Card kit and I wanted to make sure anyone could create it easily
Christmas at girlfriends 586
The little Christmas Tree card in the front is the waterfall card. Let's get started
Christmas at girlfriends 558 - Copy
In your kit you will find 2-1" strips(or if you are doing this on your own you will cut two 1" strips). The base strip should be the width of your card. The second strip is your movement strip and should be twice the length of your waterfall. Glue the movement strip to the center of the base strip as shown.
Christmas at girlfriends 559 - Copy
Fold the movement strip so you have 1 inch of the strip showing below the base.
Christmas at girlfriends 560 - Copy
Glue the two tree sections together as shown. If you are working on your own please prepare your three sections for the waterfall.
Christmas at girlfriends 561
Cut the sections apart and chalk the edges. This is a three section waterfall but you could add as many sections as space allows.
Christmas at girlfriends 562
Fold the front section in three equal sections. I have chalked mine so you can see it but it is not necessary.
Christmas at girlfriends 563
Glue the base to the card at the ends only. You want the slide to move easily. The tab will hang over 1/2 inch. In this card the base is attached 1/2 inch from the bottom of the card front.
Christmas at girlfriends 564
Glue section 1 of the tree to the 1st section of the waterfall. Let it hang over 1/2". Make sure it is not glued to the 2nd section.
Christmas at girlfriends 565 Christmas at girlfriends 566
Glue the next two sections in place. The last section will attach to the base strip as well as the last section.
Christmas at girlfriends 568 Christmas at girlfriends 567
As you pull down on the tab each section shall reveal itself. You will write your message here.
Christmas at girlfriends 569
Trim off any tab hanging over the edge and glue a little 1/2 circle to the tab.
Christmas at girlfriends 570
Optional: you can decorate your little tree with rhinestones or sequins. Tip: clear rhinestones can be colored any color with sharpies!
We have one more little invitation for you. If you would like to make a very easy pumpkin centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table join us Tuesday evening between 5pm and 7pm. We will be making these:
Christmas at girlfriends 577
So cute! Cost for this impromptu workshop.....$5
We {heart} our Girlfriends!
lisa and michele

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