Tuesday, January 6, 2015

life{365} 2015

As always the new year is a time for new beginnings
As in past years we are beginning the year with new kits and  new workshops.  It is also a new year of life{365}. 
Life{365} has become a tradition at Girlfriends and at the end of every year we get to see how it has all come together.  We want to share some of the pictures of last years collection completed with pictures...this is only a part of the full collection...there are still more to go!

This year is much the same as last year in the details
Cost: $32.50
if you miss a month of choose to skip a month or just want to pick and choose
Kits will be ready each month between the first and the tenth of the month.  If you are out of town you need to have a cc on file with us so we can charge and ship each month or if you prefer every couple of months.
Now for the fun stuff!
The pages for this month are designed!
The kits are ready!
We are shipping on Friday!
Here are your pages!
Now some details.
Inside your kit you will find a bunch of little parts and pieces.  In this little packet you will find your photo mats and parts and pieces for each page. 

Among those little parts and pieces you will find a little owl...I made them all so each of you would have a completed little owl.  I thought all the little pieces might be lost in the packet so it seemed right to make it for you.
In this picture you will see that I have punched edges and borders.  If you are to complete this kit as shown you will need to have a border punch to use in constructing your pages.  You will also need a corner rounder and a chip-off-the-old-block punch.  These are basics for the whole year.
In the case of the brackets I have traced one on a piece and it should be your pattern for any others.
This is a closeup of your little snowman's face.  I used a black ZiG writer to create  his face and the stitchmarks on his nose.
For instructions on how to create the dimensional lolly on this page go to the blog and under pages on the right hand side of the blog is a little tutorial...read it and then be prepared because they are habit forming!

The tags on the right hand side of this page create space for NINE! pictures on this page.  I have precut the tag piece for you.  It is a great way to increase the space for pictures on any page.  Also you will nest the little owl over the title block on the left hand side.  I used foam tape to lift the owlie!

If you want to see the pages up close and personal just stop by the shop.  We have redecorated the front display for a couple of them and the Through the Year book will reside here when the time comes.  The other pages will be on the wall in the classroom. 
This little corner of heaven is filled with inspiration.  Come by and see what we have to share with you anytime!
Lisa and michele


December Daily 2015

Is it too early to start getting ready for Christmas?
I can hear you all screaming at us!  Calm Down....I didn't mean to get you all spinning wildly out of control.  I really do mean well.
Here is how this started.  For the past several years Lisa and I have been watching and frankly envying some women who seem to have it all pulled together in the area of Christmas.  They bake.  They decorate.  They wrap their gifts beautifully.  They get their cards out in a timely manner. 
AND these superwomen do a December Daily.  That is a little page of pics and memories for each day in December. 
Lisa is far better at this than I am (she does it all!) but let's be honest if I get the tree up there is no guarantee there will be ornaments on it and I gave up baking some time back.  Christmas cards stopped when the kids left home and there was no one left to address them but me.  I am many things in this world but pulled together is not one of them.
That having all been said and verified as true I am envious of the December Daily.  I think it would be wonderful to reflect upon the year as it passes, to give thanks to put one picture on a page!  So this year we are taking the entire year to make our December Daily!

Built from the same Bo Bunny Misc. Me Naked Journal we are using for the Through the Year Journal this project will include one page for each day in December.  We will have places for pictures, pockets for cards, recipes or anything you choose.  You will have all year to make this beautiful book and we will include ideas for quotes, lyrics and more.  You can take all of December and add your pictures, reflections and holiday traditions to your pages.  I will even add a little Christmas Card List to the book if Lisa lets me!
Your Start up for this book is only
The monthly pages will be $6-$8
Join us for this year long journey to December and a year of remembering Christmas as the special time it is!
Lisa and Michele
December Daily StartUp Kit


Through the Year 2015

Through the Year

This year Lisa and Michele have decided to do two new year long book projects.  The first is our
Through the Year Book.
This book will be a planner, calendar and photo album to record your year.
The base of the book is the wonderful Bo Bunny Misc. Me Naked Journal.  This journal has loads of room to add dividers, calendars and much much more all included in the start up kit!

You will personalize your journal by choosing papers that fit your style perfectly from our large selection of papers at Girlfriends.

Next we will begin to fill your journal.  At the Start Up Workshop Saturday January 10th you will decorate and fill your journal with all the things you will need to start.

 Next you will purchase the quarterly kits to take your journal to the next level! These kits will contain all the precut and packaged materials you will need to create monthly pages for your pictures and ephemera.  These kits will be available every quarter all year long.

Let's get a good start on the year and make it the best one ever!
Lisa and michele


Through the Year Start Up Kit