Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A Christmas Record Album
This workshop is scheduled for December 6th
If you have signed up for this workshop on our facebook groups, Girlfriends Rock! or through the shop please use this secure payment link through PayPal
 Christmas Record Album

If you have not already signed up for this workshop please do not purchase a kit.

Santa's Journey

Santa's Journey
Every now and then a line of papers and embellishments come along and inspire you to do something extra special...this year there have been many of those moments because the artists in our industry are creating even more beautiful things!
This project was a treat because the materials I had to use were so beautiful.
If you have signed up for this class through our facebook group, Girlfriends Rock! or at the shop we are providing you with a secure payment place with Pay Pal.
Santas Journey Christmas Album
Please do not purchase a kit through this website if you have not signed up already.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Setting the dates!

We are busily creating and setting dates for our Holiday (I say Holiday instead of Christmas because we are not leaving Thanksgiving out!) Workshops!
I am just about as happy as I can be about this because we are going to hold some Friday Workshops! If you are looking for something to do on a Friday Night why not come and spend some time with us!
We will be open until 7:00 on Fridays!
Here it is!
Friday November 14th - Cozy Christmas Folded and Bound Part 1
Saturday November 15th - Cozy Christmas Folded and Bound Part 2
 November 21st - Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpieces - 4pm-7pm
small pumpkin (diy)$17.95 (completed)$22.50
medium pumpkin (diy) $22.50 (completed) $27.50
large pumpkin (diy)$27.50 (completed) $32.50
If you are interested in either doing it yourself please call us at 734-8592 to choose your color and size!
You can either make your own or purchase one of the pumpkins we have in the shop!  Lisa and I have both come to love this project so she paints the pumpkins and I decorate them...it is just another excuse to make a mess for me.
November 22nd
Let's make a little 12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar
This is such a cute project
I am going to help you create a wonderful family tradition!
Please call the shop to sign up for this workshop...it is filling quickly!
Accordion Album

November 28th and 29th
All day both days!
Christmas WoodArt Workshop!
Your family is home for my favorite holiday and we have a perfect workshop for you to do together!
You pick your project...you pick your papers (we will help if you want us to)
We show you how!
Noel - $45
Faux Chalk Art Nativity
Christmas Houses
Small - $22.50
Medium - $25.50
Large - $ 27.50
Make one or make the whole set! These will be a perfect addition to your Christmas Decorations!
Well my friends...it looks like the weather is changing and we are getting ready for a most beautiful Holiday Season!
There will be much more coming including a second folded and bound book using the beautiful Tim Holtz papers and embellishments, my favorite Family Christmas Record Album, Junque it Up Home D├ęcor Workshop and more!  We are having a very Merry Christmas already...won't you be a part of it?




Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gratitude and other thoughts

Lisa and I are blessed.
We are blessed to have one another as friends and blessed to come to work everyday at a shop we have put our hearts and souls into.
We are blessed to have families who love and support us.
We are blessed to have friends who come to see us, share their time with us, support our dreams
Lisa and I are blessed.
As I take some time today to tell you about what is coming up at Girlfriends I want to also take the time to say
Thank You.
We are here because you come to shop, come to learn, come to visit, come to play.
Last weekend we had our Annual Witches Luncheon.
This is the most favorite time of the year for us because we get to dress up and let our witchy selves out to play!  (In my humble opinion you have not lived until you have heard Lisa cackle) It is a time when we just enjoy one another and I am inviting all of you to join us next year for the Witches Luncheon...my dream would be for there to be so many of us we would have to get a bigger place to hold it! 

Makes you wish you were here...right?!
This weekend we are letting you pick which Fall Mini Album you want to create.
Lisa created a really pretty paper bag album...

I created a chunky mini album
Both books are adorable.
Both books celebrate family and the magic of Autumn
If you are interested in attending this workshop please let us know.  If you would rather come in Saturday and catch up some of your PHD's (Projects Half Done) we welcome you to do just that...we will make room for you!
Next weekend we will be creating our first Christmas Book for 2014
This is one of two Folded and Bound Workshops left this year.
I really loved creating this project.  As of today the workshop is full but we may have dropouts (it has happened before so don't hesitate to call and put your name on our waiting list.
OK...that is about it for today.  I am putting up some extra pages on this blog with full project pictures for some of our coming classes and kits.  If you are interested take a peek!



Friday, October 17, 2014

Cats and Dogs - Tutorial

I promised some time ago to put up a tutorial for this book.  We held the workshop a month ago and I have been putting it off because I knew I did not have a large enough window of time to get it all done in one sitting. 

This project is an 8X8 comb bound book.  The front and back are heavy chipboard covered with papers.  The inside pages are cardstock and printed papers with folds, flaps, pockets and tags.

If you have the kit you will find that you have everything stacked to make creating the book easier.  If you should mix these parts up you will have to find the exact piece to fit the page as you go.  If you feel you must trim anything it means you have the wrong piece.  Great care has been taken to cut the pieces of the book to fit.



The front cover of this book is multidimensional.  You have an 8x8 piece that is pre-cut for you.  You also have a full sheet of this same paper. 
1. Adhere the pre-cut sheet to the chip board.
2. From the full sheet, cut out the girl, the stamps and the flowers.  Using foam tape lift each piece up to create the dimensional look for the front.  Be sure to ink the edges of each piece.  The book is in the shop if you would like to see it up close.

Inside Front Cover:
The inside front cover is three pieces put together.  There is a card (lucky dog), a small (4X2 inch) red floral and a larger (4X8 inch) floral piece.  These three pieces make up the background of the inside front cover.  There is also a blue plaid photo mat (3 1/2 X 5 inch) that will go on the floral.  On your sticker sheet you will find the sticker shown and pop it up along the bottom.

Page 1:
(shown above)
Background paper is dark floral print (8X12).  Find the two blue mats (3 1/2 x 5 and 2 1/2X3 1/2)  Place them on the background as shown.  Find the sticker strip and place it at the bottom of the page.
Make the embellishment at the top by layering a Tim Holtz ticket, a red plaid tag and two stamp stickers.  I popped up the stamp stickers.  Add a little ribbon to the small tag.

Page 2:
Fold the dark floral to the back to form a pocket.  Fold down the top of this pocket as shown and glue the gingham piece over this flap.  Glue the pocket along the bottom and up the side to create the pocket.  There is a striped tag that goes in this pocket.  Adhere the gingham mat and the polka dot mat as shown and pop up the stickers as shown.
Cut out the little Dog card as an insert piece.
Page 3:

This is such an easy page.  Just look at the picture and follow what you see!
Page 4:

Again this page is not hard...I have precut the pieces for you.  The only thing you will have to do that is out of the box is to make the little diagonal pocket on the corner...find the pieces for the pocket and glue it along the two edges.  There is also a little tag that goes in the pocket.
Cut out the postcard to be used as an insert piece.

Page 5:

This is the umbrella paper (8"x12")  This piece should be scored and cut for you but if it is not (oops) score it 4" from right edge and cut that narrow edge in half as shown.
Cut out the Cat Card from your sheet and glue it in place, Tie a little ribbon in the top of the tag and glue it in place.  Glue the floral squares to the two flaps and fold toward the front.

On the back of these flaps glue the plaid squares and tie a little ribbon around them.

Page 6:

The left hand page is so easy!  Make the post card into a pocket for extra pictures and memorabilia.  This is the perfect place to put immunization records.
Page 7:
Probably the toughest page.  You are building a gatefold page.  I have already cut and scored the black cardstock for this page.  Find the 8 x 12 inch black card stock.  You will also need the 8x4 inch piece.  I have scored this piece 1/2" from the left edge.  In that 1/2" space glue the small piece to the large piece along the left edge.  Fold the other side to the front.  This forms your gate fold.
You have two plaid piece that will make the pockets on the bottom of each fold.  There is also a tag cut for each pocket.  Decorate the pocket with the pieces shown.  You will trim the top and bottom flourish from the "all you need is LOVE and a DOG" piece.  You will use those flourishes in the inside  Glue the small striped photomats to the front of these flaps.

On the inside you will decorate as shown.  The large girl with the dog is from the first piece we cut out elements for the cover of our book.  Cut her out with some flowers and add her first  I covered a piece of chipboard with black and white polka dots for the element in the upper left hand corner.

Page 8:

Find the pieces for this page.  Three pieces make up the background.  I put the plaid and the umbrellas in place then put the border over the seam.  The card is backed with black card stock and the mat has sticker corners on it. 
Page 9:

This isn't hard but it is hard to know what to do from the picture.
1. build on the red background.
2. find the striped pocket piece and glue to the bottom along three sides
3. find the floral pocket piece and glue over the striped pocket along three sides...this will create your double pocket. 
4 find the red square for the side pocket and fold down the left hand corner  Add the floral to the stripe corner.  Add tags, mats and chipboard elements.

Page 10:

This page is done just like you did Page 8.  Build the background first and then add the photo mats and the chipboard embellishments or stickers and the card in the upper left corner.
Page 11:
Another slightly challenging page...
1.  This is created on the black cardstock page I have cut and scored for you. 
2.  Fold up the pocket at the bottom.  Cut down two inches in the center of the pocket and fold the flaps back.  Cut the little red square in half diagonally and glue to the corners you folded back
3.  Take the two blue plaid pieces and fit them to the front of the pocket.  Glue in place.
4.  Glue the background in place.
5.  Glue the pocket in place along the right hand side.
Add photo mat, tags and the chipboard element at the bottom of the page.
Fold the other flap to the back.

Page 12:

This flap will fold up.  Get all your papers in place AFTER you punch two holes on the bottom of the flap and in the center of the flap for your buttons.  After you have the holes punched put your papers in place on the front and punch the holes again to attach your buttons.  I used black seam binding for this.  Tie a piece of black and white bakers twine to the top button to be used as a string tie to hold the flap up.  After you have done this you will decorate the inside of the lower flap with red plaid.

Open the flap and decorate the inside as shown in the picture.
Inside back cover:

Just remember the dark floral is a pocket and there are two tags to go in the pocket.
back cover is just the dark floral...tie your ribbons and extra chipboard tags to the spine.