Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gratitude and other thoughts

Lisa and I are blessed.
We are blessed to have one another as friends and blessed to come to work everyday at a shop we have put our hearts and souls into.
We are blessed to have families who love and support us.
We are blessed to have friends who come to see us, share their time with us, support our dreams
Lisa and I are blessed.
As I take some time today to tell you about what is coming up at Girlfriends I want to also take the time to say
Thank You.
We are here because you come to shop, come to learn, come to visit, come to play.
Last weekend we had our Annual Witches Luncheon.
This is the most favorite time of the year for us because we get to dress up and let our witchy selves out to play!  (In my humble opinion you have not lived until you have heard Lisa cackle) It is a time when we just enjoy one another and I am inviting all of you to join us next year for the Witches dream would be for there to be so many of us we would have to get a bigger place to hold it! 

Makes you wish you were here...right?!
This weekend we are letting you pick which Fall Mini Album you want to create.
Lisa created a really pretty paper bag album...

I created a chunky mini album
Both books are adorable.
Both books celebrate family and the magic of Autumn
If you are interested in attending this workshop please let us know.  If you would rather come in Saturday and catch up some of your PHD's (Projects Half Done) we welcome you to do just that...we will make room for you!
Next weekend we will be creating our first Christmas Book for 2014
This is one of two Folded and Bound Workshops left this year.
I really loved creating this project.  As of today the workshop is full but we may have dropouts (it has happened before so don't hesitate to call and put your name on our waiting list.
OK...that is about it for today.  I am putting up some extra pages on this blog with full project pictures for some of our coming classes and kits.  If you are interested take a peek!



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  1. i can't Waite to do the Christmas book look nice and cute. you have me sign up for that class