Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Jackie Banyai, Haley Dodaro, Audrey Praytor Kissik, Vicki Anderson, Jeri Bosley, Michelle Grady, Cherie Coesens Durkin, Sherri Timmons, Norma Yager, Kari Brose, Kay Piper, Stacey Parker, Teresa Oneida, Sherry Webster Owings, Joan Webster, Carol Beager, Martha, Cleala, George Gregson, DeLana Chartier, Stephanie Parker, Sally Bell, and any one else signed up for the BO BUNNY SPRING FLING this Saturday March 21st, the workshop is sold out. Class begins at 11 am

Please bring the following things in a SMALL bag: 

Paper trimmer

Scoring tool (bone folder, stylus, scoring blade)


Chalk pad

Foam tape (optional)

Adhesive (zip dry, 3in1, tape runner, double sided heavy duty tape)

Please do not bring your large Scrappin' bags as there will not be room for them. A small tote or basket to put on your table will be plenty. Joan Webster had the perfect sized basket last weekend. Anything extra will have to fit under your chair including your purse

Please come prepared and on time! We have tools and supplies for sale at the shop and the shop paper trimmers are here for your use if you need one. 

Lunch is on us! We have something really special planned!

We are excited to see you all and to share this special weekend with you.


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