Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I do! I do!

So many of you had things to do last weekend and had to take kits for our darling Simple Stories Wedding Book.  For that reason and because I just love this project, I am going to walk you through the project page by page.

For this project we are using a Zutter Coverall...this is a book cover that will be perfectly bindable!  When you open your coverall you will find a plastic insert in the coverall that will attach to the book itself and hold the book in place.
I stacked your pages in order but stuff happens and if you happen to get out of order you will have to go by the pictures.  You need to cut apart the card sheets in your kit and then ink the edges of all your pages.  I have precut the front and back cover and the inside cover as well.  Look for the larger pages.
Glue the front and back cover papers in place and then glue the corrugated paper over the will need to trim a little.  Once you have your cover completed inside and outside set it aside. You won't need it again for a while!
(inside cover and first page)
Your first page is one of the little cards you cut apart.  I cut in the reverse rounded corners.

(page 2)
This page is easy...if I didn't already punch the long edge of the page please feel free to use a border punch to do so...I used a little ribbon on the photo mat.

Back of page 2 and page 3
Page three is just a 4X6 mat with an acetate piece over the top.
Don't glue the acetate to the paper just let it lay there.  Once you have a picture in place you can glue, staple or tie the pieces together.

Back of page three and page 4
Just leave page three alone until you put a picture on it....Page 4 is all pre scored for you.  Fold along the score lines.  You will use one of the little cards as a pocket on the flap.  I punched the top edge with a border punch. I folded down the upper corner of the flap and added two little butterfly stickers which I popped up with foam tape.  I glued down the outside edge of my page but that is an option and you can choose not to do that.

(inside page 4)
I used the cards to make the large pocket and the small decorative "I do".  The banner is a sticker.

close up

(back of page 4 and a photostack)
I took the four 4X5 mats I cut and laid the acetates on each to create a photostack.  You will have to trim the acetates.


When you punch these to bind them and put them in the book you will stagger them .

Page 5
The larger part of this page is pre scored for you.  You will find a small pocket piece you will need to cut out and a border that has been punched for you.
Glue the pocket to the page and the border to the outside edge.  Using foam tape pop up the sticker on the pocket.  Fold the flap to the back.  Pop up the five small hearts on the flap.

Add a photo mat and a little ribbon to the back of the page.

Insert a small square card between page 5 and 6

Page 6 is just plain with a photo mat on the back

Page 7
Page 7 has a small pocket at the bottom...this is a separate piece. 


I have cut and glued a separate piece of paper for the back of page 7.  I added a little flap made from a card.  Fold the card 1/2" from the left edge.  Glue it to the page and staple a little piece of ribbon to the lower right side.

Use another of the little square cards between page 7 and 8.  Page 8 is just plain, waiting for pictures!

Page 9
This is a wide page and has been pre-scored for you.  Fold along the score lines and find the pocket piece to glue to the front of this page.  Add the sticker to the pocket.  I put a photo mat in the pocket.

The back of page 9
Cut the bracket on the small flap on this page.  Add a sticker border to the small flap.  Lay the small flap over the large flap and trace around the edge.  Cut away where you traced.  On the front add a gold doily.  For the smaller gold doily I cut the image from one of the cards.  I added a photo mat before I put the card image in place and popped up a bird sticker over the top of the image.
I love this little chalk art card!
I glued it top and bottom then slipped a photo mat behind it.  So cute!


Page 10
There is another little square card to separate pages 10 & 11  Again page 11 is one of those plain pages waiting for pictures.

Page 12
This is a simple folded double page. I added another card/flap to the front and punched the edge.
Added a couple of small photo mats and some bling!

You will find a card like this one and you will cut it out to create the pocket here.  Add a little bling and a photo mat.

Page 13 is plain...again and waiting for photos.
Page 14 is scored for you (I am sorry but your papers for this page a different from mine).  Fold along the score line to the front and cut away the bracket edge.  Add stickers to the flap
The pocket/photo mat is a card I cut down to fit.  Inside I put some of the cards I had not used.  I used the remainder of the scallop border sticker along the bottom and popped up the sticker.

I used another card to make the flap...ever so cute

Page 14 is another one of those plain pages.

Page 15 is a single fold with a pocket on the front and the back.  Put your pocket in place, fold in half.  Fill the front pocket with cards.

Inside I used two cards - one for the photomat and one as a pocket.

I used a small card as a cute element and sealed the pocket shut.
The last page is plain and it is the last in this little book!

I used my favorite piece in the set as the inside cover of the book. 
If you need help binding your book please come in and I will be happy to help.  If you think you can do it on your own please use the "C" setting on your zutter.
If you ordered one of these wonderful little books please come in and pick up your kit.  WE have so many kits waiting for our girlfriends I can't make anything new until we get some of this home with you!
If you ordered a kit and have not paid for it yet please either pay for it at the shop or via pay pal

I Do! I Do!

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