Thursday, May 23, 2013

Felty Goodness

I love felt but most of all I love WOOL felt.
Tomorrow I will teach the first of two classes to complete this book.  It is a wonderful fabric and paper book by Donna Downey for Prima.
We are going to stitch...I recently found out stitching is different from sewing.
I have sewn for over 50 years...never knew that.
I do know however that if you sew (or stitch) on Sunday when you go to Heaven you have to pick the stitches out with your nose....thanks mom for that scary thought!
I thought I would give you a little tutorial on how to do the blanket stitch.
For this project I started with the knot on the outside...I would really never do this unless I had a plan!
So start at the outside edge of the piece you are blanket stitching.
Next take a stitch..You are holding your fabric horizontally so the stitch goes from right to left.
Keep the embroidery floss behind the needle and pull through,
There is your first button hole stitch.  Now just keep going and going until you are done!
That my friends is the button hole stitch!
Enjoy stitching, or sewing but not on Sunday 'cuz according to my mom....well, you know the rest!
the felt is waiting for the stitchers tomorrow!
If you want to come and play or shop or visit on Monday we will be open from noon - 5!

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