Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback the beginning

In the beginning there was a little gift show on Main Street in Historic Downtown Twin Falls.
Lisa had put her heart and soul into the shop but she wanted a new adventure.

So the adorable little gift shop became Girlfriends!  The cutest little scrapbook and art shop in the WORLD!

We love pink and black and white and all the colors so we made the shop distinctive in its colors
Lisa is hanging our is still hanging there!

Candy, one of the original girlfriends, marking freight and putting it on the shelves

Casey was our most willing helper and did the heavy lifting in those early days

Jessie measured fibers and rolled them onto spools while Isa investigated a folding table

It took more pink paint to get our huge letters the right color than we ever expected!
Salespersons stopped by to encourage us to spend money

Lisa got swallowed up in her work

I hung letters

We debated

J.R. Davis did the windows

Lisa hung letters

Grandbabies came to visit

Freight arrived

Displays were created

and created

and created.
We opened the doors and friends, new and old, came to visit!
That was almost 8 years ago.  We are still here and our corner of the world just gets better and better!
Visit us anytime...there is no bad time to come to Girlfriends!

Girlfriends today!  Still as pretty as a picture.


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  1. Hi Michelle,
    You know I always have to make a pit stop or two at your shop. I would say its the best scrapbook store in the world. It just makes me happy to go there. So thanks for all your hard work and all your genius in coming up with new things.