Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inside Girlfriends...a birds eye view

A dear friend made this sign for us so we wouldn't forget who we are.  It worked!  also it is dang cute and we love it!
We like to be inventive in how we use found material....Like a window becomes an information board...door become a counter and old bedsprings become display boards....I guess you just have to be here to really get it....When did you say you were coming?
I thought since I have some time and I want to really get a handle on this new blog and how it works I would show you some of the things you may have missed on your last visit to Girlfriends.  I got on a ladder and took pictures of the things that are up high.  I think they get overlooked and they are ever so this little art angel and the altered book done after Wendy Vecchi came to visit us last

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